10 Gifts to Have on Hand Just in Case

Your holiday shopping list is already pretty long, but it’s party season-and that means finding the perfect host or hostess gift…again and again…and (if you’re super social) again!

Not to mention, we all have a relative or two that shows up to the familial festivities with an unexpected date. Allowing a new acquaintance to exit your home empty-handed on a gift-giving holiday simply makes a bad impression and that’s the last thing you want!

Not to worry, though, we’ve curated a list of the top ten must-have gifts to have on hand (just in case) to make prepping for surprise celebration attendees and parties easy as can be.

  1. Something Scent-sational

Marilyn Miglin is a brand to die for, and their Goddess of Love gift set is so tasteful. Nobody would ever guess you’d been keeping it on hand as a stand-by, just in case your cousin Matt decided to bring his beautiful, but brand-new, girlfriend to the party after all. It’ll seem like you knew she’d show up all along. Is it more likely you’ll have a gentleman caller this season? Then just pick up the M Sandalwood Everlasting gift set instead!

  1. The Trusty Gift Card

It’s not the most personal stand-by gift, but it’s definitely easy and you know that you don’t need any extra stressors this season. You can get one from Jack Spade and another from Kate Spade to stuff a simple stocking for a surprise guest of either gender. Plus, the minimum spending limit of of $50 and the maximum of $500 on these two gifts cards make staying on budget easy.

For a more unisex gift card option (which is great if you only want to have to buy one) try grabbing one on your way out of a local restaurant. It’s effortless. If you purchase a $100 gift card right now at any of Phil Stefani’s signature restaurants, you’ll receive a $25 BONUS gift card for yourself OR for a secondary stand-by.

  1. A Practical Present

 Namely, anything from We’ll Keep You in Stitches. Choose almost anything in a neutral color and it can double for a men’s or women’s present. Hosts and hostesses will thank you for an extra layer of warmth as they walk out guests later on in the evening, and it’s a safe bet because anything knitted is in fashion this season. Mention you saw We’ll Keep You in Stitches on the web when you go to shop, and you might just get a discount, too.

  1. Party Planning Style

Help your hostess plan her next party in style: Barney’s 2015 Celestial Calendar and Easel is practical but blends in seamlessly with almost any décor. Its refill cards are hand-stamped with a golden sun, moon, and stars, which rest on a polished brass easel. It’s perfect for patriots as well as stylish socialites, because it’s made in the U.S.A.

  1. Light Up Their Night

Pick up a Mineral Tealight Holder Set from Calypso St. Barth. The neutral colors and vintage appeal of this set mean that you won’t have wasted any money if you don’t wind up giving it away, after all: it will blend right in with your home’s décor.

  1. Take His Tech to the Next Level

Emporio Armani can show you how. Check out their Tablet Holder in Saffiano Calfskin. It’s on sale right now for a steal at $255!

  1. Light & Scent

When you stop by Barney’s be sure to pick up a few of Diptyque candles.  They come in a wide variety of rich and unique scents.  And don’t worry, with options like Feu de Bois (reminiscent of log cabins and camp fires) and Baies (Black Currant & Rose), you’ll be covered for both ladies & gents.

  1. Pour it On

Check the Tory Burch website for a whole collection of great hostess gifts.  We especially like the beautiful blue and white handpainted, ceramic Spongewear Pitcher.  Your party host will definitely be grateful to have an extra place to put flowers or a decorative way to serve drinsks.

  1. Unisex Accessory

A David Yurman bracelet or two. If you get the men’s Chevron Triple Wrap Bracelet or the Spiritual Bead Bracelet you won’t have to worry about buying a men’s and a women’s just-in-case gift, because they’d look great on ANYONE!

10.  Keep it Classic

A pair of earrings from the Lester Lampert Voilla collection, because they’re simple enough to suit any personality you may come across this holiday season, but striking enough that they’re still unique!

Save yourself some struggle this holiday season, and pick up a handful of these versatile gifts to be your go-to stand-by gifts for anyone you may have left off your list!


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