3 New Menswear Trends for Spring & Summer:
Designers Show Hot Looks for Warm Weather

Hermes, Vera Wang, Prada, Lanvin, Barney’s. Where in Chicago will you find all of these stores, and the leading trendsetters in Chicago? The answer isn’t Michigan Avenue, or State Street. Oak Street, a little street in Gold Coast is the place to be if you are man looking to stay on top of beautiful trends for the spring and summer seasons. To shed light on the brilliant trends, these designers bring to the public we paid close attention at this year’s runways.blogpostoakstreet1


1.  Skinny Out, Flowing In

Alber Elbaz, Lanvin Paris’s designer since 2002, really touched on moving away from the skinny fit trend when he showed Lanvin’s Spring/Summer (SS) menswear line. Nearly all of his trousers and tops were free flowing, yet still fitted just enough so they wouldn’t be considered baggy. One of our favorite casual standouts was his 10th look, which was a full cut coat-jacket in ecru wool mix, with an English collar and overstitched revers, and ribbon detail. Matched with navy trousers that flow over derby shoes nicely, this look is definitely innovative for 2014.

2. Join the Navy!


Véronique Nichanian marked her 25th year with Hermès at her show last June. Looks 1 through 5 at Hermès Paris’s SS show in Milan focused on blue shades from head to toe. Loafers paired with trousers revealing ankles are a perfect way to handle the summer heat. Basic white shirts paired with slim fitting navy blazers show casual and fashionable style at the same time. The definite bottom line from the show was there really is no one like Nichanian. Who else could combine navy country club-like pants with tattoos and angry looking young men?gingham

Using multiple layers of the same color allows you to play with textures and really add depth to your look. Hermès capitalizes on navy, one of the best colors for this tactic. Not only did Hermès put most of the effort into deep blue shades, they also worked on various materials. Navy leather pants and tops, and Roman-style sandals are prevalent in the collection. If you aren’t into playing it safe with style then try out one of these more avant garde pieces.



3. Gingham Style

Gingham has always been a steady standby in the fashion industry, but this year’s Jil Sanders collection steals the spotlight from preppy institutions like Burberry and Ralph Lauren.  Most people wouldn’t consider Jil Sanders to be in the same category as those classic houses, yet they most definitely pulled off the Gingham print for their 2014 SS collection.

Look 18 at Jil Sander’s Milan show is a beautiful wool knit with a gingham print that is almost water color-esque. Black and gray stripes both horizontally and vertically over carefully placed black and dark white blotches. This piece really changes up the gingham style and is expected to be seen on many trend setters soon.

Yohji Yamomoto once said, “I hate fashion because all it is, is trends.” When shopping it’s important to consider why each trend suits your style. Picking a trend just because it is trending is foolish, but picking a piece that is trending because it allows better expression is creative. Like Yamomoto, Lanvin, Prada, and Jil Sanders have been the ones setting, not following these trends for years. If originality is your style priority, there isn’t any other place in Chicago you will be able to find such a wide range of designer trends seen on the hottest runways from around the world.




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