4 Perfect Presents for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day seems to be one of the few days of the year it’s acceptable, and even expected, to show our love in a fairly materialistic manner. That might sound shallow at first, but in the words of the great Charles M. Schulz, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

There’s pressure on men and women alike to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day present for their significant others.  But given that the holiday comes so soon after Christmas, it can be tough to come up with another great idea.

And you want to keep in mind that a Valentine’s Day gift should be a little more romantic in nature – no one wants to unwrap something practical on February 14th!

But the shops on Oak Street have you covered when it comes to choosing a classy, romantic, meaningful present for the special person who has your heart.


Agent Provocateur has got you covered! She’ll be stunning in the Birthday Suit bra, suspenders, and knickers with its silky red material and well-appointed construction. Ladies never fear, though, a well-chosen gift for yourself could also double as a gift for him, if you catch our drift.  And when you stop in, be sure to ask about their “naughty gift” collection if you’re looking to make the night a little spicier.

Something Cozy

Kate Spade and Jack Spade both offer stylish and versatile lines of sweaters and knits to keep your love warm even on the coldest Windy City winter day! For him, consider the Palmer V Neck Sweater in Burgundy to fit the theme of the holiday or the Crawford Crew Neck Fisherman’s Sweater in Navy to suit his classic style. Help her make a statement in the whimsical Balloon Sweater, or supply a little sparkle to with the shimmer turtleneck sweater in light pink.

Something that Sparkles

When in doubt, go for jewelry.  No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with a beautiful accessory.  For him, stop in to Buccelleti for a pair of unique cufflinks or a beautiful watch with vintage charm.  For her, check out the gorgeous, heart-shaped pendant (very appropriate) from Lester Lampert or the colorful Bahia earrings with blue topaz and pink sapphires at Pomellato.  If you’re unsure of your loved one’s jewelry taste, stick with something classic and simple and you can’t go wrong.

A Delicious Dinner

Treat your special someone to a tantalizing taste-bud experience before the rest of the night’s delights.  Oak Street has a wide variety of high end and highly rated restaurants that strike the perfect note of romantic ambiance and urban glamour.

Cafe Spiaggia, Carmine’s, Lux Bar, Jellyfish and Le Colonial would all make the perfect setting for your V-Day lunch or dinner.  Bonus? If you couldn’t settle on a gift, you could always take your love on a shopping spree after supper.

The bottom line? The memory of an experience lasts much longer than a fancy box of chocolates or a fleeting bouquet of roses. These things make nice additions to a sweet date night, but do your best to give your significant other a present that will last and leaving a lasting impression for many years to come.

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