7 Unique Oak Street Experiences to Brighten Your Winter Days

With the holidays over and the unseasonably warm temperatures nowhere to be found, it can be easy to fall into a winter slump here in Chicago.  Between the slushy streets and the rare appearance of sun, you may well feel like you just want to crawl under the duvet and stay there until May.

But we urge you to keep in mind that just because the weather leaves something to be desired doesn’t mean that the city stops being fun and exciting!  In fact, we’ve got 7 fabulous suggestions for things to do right here on Oak Street that will help you keep your winter woes away.

1.  Make Memories at SpeedPro Imaging

You’ve surely got a ton of great photos from the holiday season and what better way to use them than to turn them into gorgeous wall murals?  Our friends at SpeedPro Imaging are geniuses at making any image into beautiful art that you can put up without the hassle of hooks and nails.

2.  Learn to Knit at We’ll Keep You in Stitches

You might think that knitting is just for grannies in rocking chairs but this age-old craft is experiencing a renaissance among people of all ages.  The best thing about knitting is that it both relives stress and tension and results in handmade accessories you’ll be proud to wear or give as gifts.  Visit this hidden gem to pick up some beautiful yarn and get tips on how to start your very first project.

3.  Lash Out at Salon Lashe

A little beauty pick-me-up is always a good idea when you need to add some pep to your step. And while we always love a great spa treatment or new hair style, it’s fun to try something different.  Visit this unique salon to get an eyelash makeover in the form of lash extensions, perming or tinting.

4.  Start Your Art Collection at KM Fine Arts

You’ve finally reached the stage in your life when you’re ready to own original art and there’s no better place to start building your own collection than at KM Fine Arts.  This acclaimed gallery is always showing several talented contemporary artists’ work, so you’re sure to find something that speaks to you.

5.  Find Your Flower at Fragrant Design

Sometimes the very best thing to perk you up in the dead of winter is an eye and nose full of stunning fresh flowers.  Whether you’re looking for floral décor for an upcoming party or just a bouquet to bring to a dinner, the flower pros at Fragrant design have got you covered.

6.  Style Makeover with a Personal Shopper at Barneys

We know you’re probably a pro shopper all on your own, but we also know you love anything that can make the experience even better.  So, we suggest treating yourself to a session with a professional Barney’s shopping expert who will make sure that you walk out with a look that’s just perfect for you.

7.  Cook & Eat with Top Chefs at Spiaggia

Give yourself and 25 of your closest friends the ultimate cooking experience when you book a cooking class party at Spiaggia.  For $125 or $150 per person, you get a scrumptious meal as well as tableside cooking demonstrations of the very dishes you’re enjoying so you can recreate them at home.

There’s no reason to be down in the dumps this winter when so many fun opportunities abound in this great city.  Try one of these unique experiences on Oak Street or just come down for a bit of shopping and lunch any time you’re feeling a touch of cabin fever.

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