8 Distinctive Jewelry Pieces You Can Wear Every Day

Every lady needs a little shimmer in her style; it’s a classic way to take a boring blouse to being brilliantly fashionable in no time at all!

Spending money on really trendy pieces you’ll only wear once, however, stops you from enjoying the full potential of your jewelry. We all need special occasion pieces, but you should also make sure your collection is full of versatile items you can wear every day.

The key is finding ones that you’ll love so much you’ll want to wear them whenever you can.

1. Lester Lampert Pirouette Diamond Necklace

When choosing jewelry for everyday wear, you want to seek out simplicity that makes a statement. That’s precisely what the Pirouette diamond necklace has to offer with its multi-colored chains and delicate design.

It features a unique blend of complexity and simplicity, so this necklace will instantly add aesthetic appeal to anything you’d want to wear during the day- especially a jersey knit top or cashmere cardigan. It’s not too bulky or colorful though, so you can also wear it at night to perk up a pretty party dress with a little sparkle and shine.

2. Alexis Bittar Skinny Tapered Bangle

This will suit you perfectly if you prefer to add a pop of color to your everyday look. Its subtle hue means you can wear it with most of your wardrobe, and its asymmetrical design makes it more visually interesting than your standard bangle bracelet. A glimpse of gold on the inside adds just the right amount of shine, so that you could theoretically wear it for a more formal occasion if you were so inclined.

3. Buccellati Venus Watch

This gorgeous timepiece brings timekeeping and simple stylishness together in one beautiful piece of jewelry. A python strap adds just enough color and texture to keep this watch from being plain Jane, and a combination of white gold and diamonds ensures that your elegant flair will be unforgettably showcased on your wrist day after day.

4. David Yurman Chatelaine Earrings with Black OnyxOnyx Earrings

These earrings allow you to add a little bit of edge to your every day look while still remaining professional and posh. They can be worn alone as statement earrings with a simple suit or together with other interesting pieces and a plain T for a trendier look.

5. Graff’s Diamond Alice Band

This unique piece can take any bun, braid, or blowout to an entirely new level with its sheer sparkle, but its design is still simple enough for everyday wear. It is completely classy on its own, but paired with an inverted French braid bun or even just a second band of a contrasting design it could be instrumental in helping you create an unbelievably unique coif.

6. Harry Winston Traffic Ring

Whether you favor the large or small style, it’s hard to deny that this ring is on trend and on track to becoming your favorite simple Harry Winston Ringstatement ring for every day wear. It’s big enough to suit a bold mood, but neutral enough in design and shade that it can be worn with absolutely anything to absolutely any occasion. That kind of versatility is hard to find.

7. Pomellato Cufflinks

Pomellato offers 6 classic yet distinctive cufflink styles that are a spectacular way to incorporate your own personal pizazz into any suit jacket for work and any button down for casual wear! They are utterly unique in composition and yet they’re not overly trendy; class seems to ooze forth from their every curve.

And remember: the most important thing to consider when choosing your everyday essentials is your individual style. You might not want to opt for super simple pieces if you are really into statement pieces; you might want to pick out some chunky neutral products instead (so that they stand out, but still match all of your outfits).
Whatever you decide to go with, keep it high quality and always pick the jewelry that’s going to be timeless rather than temporarily trendy.

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