9 Perfect Wedding Gifts You’ll Only Find on Oak Street

Spring is in the air… and for many couples- that means wedding bells. While wedding registries can take the struggle out of finding a good gift for the bride and groom, they can also tend to be a bit, well, boring or impersonal.

If you’re looking to provide the bride and groom in your life with a wedding gift that’s a little different and shows just how well you know the couple, Oak Street has got you covered.

To save yourself some stress, check out these 9 perfect wedding gifts, all of which you can purchase locally while you peruse Oak Street’s shops at your leisure.

Some Endearing Décor

Even though the newlyweds will be taking some time away after the wedding, they’re ultimately going to be returning to the home they’ve decided to build together. What better way to show your support than to help decorate it with tiny tidbits that are useful, thoughtful, and pleasing to the eye?

  • Kate Spade’s Take the Cake Ring Dish makes a perfect bedside or sink-side accessory, especially for couples who lose things easily or are at high risk for dropping their dearest accessories down the drain.
  • The Silver Street Roll of the Die from Kate Spade will be a lifesaver for those pairs who are perfectly matched in every way- including when it comes to being incredibly indecisive.
  • Also sold at Kate Spade are some great Food for Thought Placemats to remind the bride and groom to ‘kiss the cook’, ‘save room for desert’, ‘dance on the table’, and ‘eat cake for breakfast’. This particular gift is a surefire success, no matter the couples’ choice in décor, as the placemats are available in a variety of color schemes.Barneys Office

A Stress-Free Zone to Handle their Business

All too often, couples who are new to joint finances, social calendars, and business arrangements wind up easily overwhelmed. A great home office can counter that, and what better gift than one that keeps on giving? Oak Street has plenty of presents that can improve the new couple’s home office.

  • Kate Spade’s Expletive Paper Clips are more than just novel. Even though they are simple in style, these paper clips make for colorful communication between couples. They can actually improve upon an office’s organization. For example, the ‘$’ clip may be used for bills, the ‘!’ clip may be used for urgent matters, and the ‘?’ clip may be used to remind one spouse to ask the other about a particular document on the desk.
  • Barneys offers countless colorful agendas durably designed with concrete purposes in mind and printed with helpful and fun titles like “Frankly, My Dear,” “Address and Telephone,” “Make it Happen,” and “Inspiration and Ideas.” These are a much better option than colored sticky notes for keeping notes and important dates organized.
  • The IWoodDesign Empty Your Pockets Tray from Barneys keeps clutter under control and hurried, stressful searches for the car keys from ever happening.
  • Barneys also carries a variety of office sets, including mail holders, letter openers, pencil cups, and more in lines they’ll love like Pacific Connections, Connor, and El Casco.

An Experience to Remember

When it comes to wedding gifts, you don’t always have to go for a tangible object either – the happy couple will likely be overwhelmed with new things for their home, so a fun experience can be a more unique and special gift.

From fancy hotels, to spas, salons, and gourmet restaurants, the right gift certificates could treat the bride and groom to a much appreciated date night a month or two after the honeymoon. Book them a suite, makeover, meal, or massage, and they’ll be sure to thank you!

Shopping for a wedding present doesn’t need to be difficult, even if the gifts listed on the registry aren’t what you had in mind for the bride and groom. Opt for something interesting and practical from one of the many shops at Oak Street and your gift will surely be appreciated.

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