8 Distinctive Jewelry Pieces You Can Wear Every Day

Every lady needs a little shimmer in her style; it’s a classic way to take a boring blouse to being brilliantly fashionable in no time at all!

Spending money on really trendy pieces you’ll only wear once, however, stops you from enjoying the full potential of your jewelry. We all need special occasion pieces, but you should also make sure your collection is full of versatile items you can wear every day.

The key is finding ones that you’ll love so much you’ll want to wear them whenever you can.

1. Lester Lampert Pirouette Diamond Necklace

When choosing jewelry for everyday wear, you want to seek out simplicity that makes a statement. That’s precisely what the Pirouette diamond necklace has to offer with its multi-colored chains and delicate design.

It features a unique blend of complexity and simplicity, so this necklace will instantly add aesthetic appeal to anything you’d want to wear during the day- especially a jersey knit top or cashmere cardigan. It’s not too bulky or colorful though, so you can also wear it at night to perk up a pretty party dress with a little sparkle and shine.

2. Alexis Bittar Skinny Tapered Bangle

This will suit you perfectly if you prefer to add a pop of color to your everyday look. Its subtle hue means you can wear it with most of your wardrobe, and its asymmetrical design makes it more visually interesting than your standard bangle bracelet. A glimpse of gold on the inside adds just the right amount of shine, so that you could theoretically wear it for a more formal occasion if you were so inclined.

3. Buccellati Venus Watch

This gorgeous timepiece brings timekeeping and simple stylishness together in one beautiful piece of jewelry. A python strap adds just enough color and texture to keep this watch from being plain Jane, and a combination of white gold and diamonds ensures that your elegant flair will be unforgettably showcased on your wrist day after day.

4. David Yurman Chatelaine Earrings with Black OnyxOnyx Earrings

These earrings allow you to add a little bit of edge to your every day look while still remaining professional and posh. They can be worn alone as statement earrings with a simple suit or together with other interesting pieces and a plain T for a trendier look.

5. Graff’s Diamond Alice Band

This unique piece can take any bun, braid, or blowout to an entirely new level with its sheer sparkle, but its design is still simple enough for everyday wear. It is completely classy on its own, but paired with an inverted French braid bun or even just a second band of a contrasting design it could be instrumental in helping you create an unbelievably unique coif.

6. Harry Winston Traffic Ring

Whether you favor the large or small style, it’s hard to deny that this ring is on trend and on track to becoming your favorite simple Harry Winston Ringstatement ring for every day wear. It’s big enough to suit a bold mood, but neutral enough in design and shade that it can be worn with absolutely anything to absolutely any occasion. That kind of versatility is hard to find.

7. Pomellato Cufflinks

Pomellato offers 6 classic yet distinctive cufflink styles that are a spectacular way to incorporate your own personal pizazz into any suit jacket for work and any button down for casual wear! They are utterly unique in composition and yet they’re not overly trendy; class seems to ooze forth from their every curve.

And remember: the most important thing to consider when choosing your everyday essentials is your individual style. You might not want to opt for super simple pieces if you are really into statement pieces; you might want to pick out some chunky neutral products instead (so that they stand out, but still match all of your outfits).
Whatever you decide to go with, keep it high quality and always pick the jewelry that’s going to be timeless rather than temporarily trendy.

10 Gifts to Have on Hand Just in Case

Your holiday shopping list is already pretty long, but it’s party season-and that means finding the perfect host or hostess gift…again and again…and (if you’re super social) again!

Not to mention, we all have a relative or two that shows up to the familial festivities with an unexpected date. Allowing a new acquaintance to exit your home empty-handed on a gift-giving holiday simply makes a bad impression and that’s the last thing you want!

Not to worry, though, we’ve curated a list of the top ten must-have gifts to have on hand (just in case) to make prepping for surprise celebration attendees and parties easy as can be.

  1. Something Scent-sational

Marilyn Miglin is a brand to die for, and their Goddess of Love gift set is so tasteful. Nobody would ever guess you’d been keeping it on hand as a stand-by, just in case your cousin Matt decided to bring his beautiful, but brand-new, girlfriend to the party after all. It’ll seem like you knew she’d show up all along. Is it more likely you’ll have a gentleman caller this season? Then just pick up the M Sandalwood Everlasting gift set instead!

  1. The Trusty Gift Card

It’s not the most personal stand-by gift, but it’s definitely easy and you know that you don’t need any extra stressors this season. You can get one from Jack Spade and another from Kate Spade to stuff a simple stocking for a surprise guest of either gender. Plus, the minimum spending limit of of $50 and the maximum of $500 on these two gifts cards make staying on budget easy.

For a more unisex gift card option (which is great if you only want to have to buy one) try grabbing one on your way out of a local restaurant. It’s effortless. If you purchase a $100 gift card right now at any of Phil Stefani’s signature restaurants, you’ll receive a $25 BONUS gift card for yourself OR for a secondary stand-by.

  1. A Practical Present

 Namely, anything from We’ll Keep You in Stitches. Choose almost anything in a neutral color and it can double for a men’s or women’s present. Hosts and hostesses will thank you for an extra layer of warmth as they walk out guests later on in the evening, and it’s a safe bet because anything knitted is in fashion this season. Mention you saw We’ll Keep You in Stitches on the web when you go to shop, and you might just get a discount, too.

  1. Party Planning Style

Help your hostess plan her next party in style: Barney’s 2015 Celestial Calendar and Easel is practical but blends in seamlessly with almost any décor. Its refill cards are hand-stamped with a golden sun, moon, and stars, which rest on a polished brass easel. It’s perfect for patriots as well as stylish socialites, because it’s made in the U.S.A.

  1. Light Up Their Night

Pick up a Mineral Tealight Holder Set from Calypso St. Barth. The neutral colors and vintage appeal of this set mean that you won’t have wasted any money if you don’t wind up giving it away, after all: it will blend right in with your home’s décor.

  1. Take His Tech to the Next Level

Emporio Armani can show you how. Check out their Tablet Holder in Saffiano Calfskin. It’s on sale right now for a steal at $255!

  1. Light & Scent

When you stop by Barney’s be sure to pick up a few of Diptyque candles.  They come in a wide variety of rich and unique scents.  And don’t worry, with options like Feu de Bois (reminiscent of log cabins and camp fires) and Baies (Black Currant & Rose), you’ll be covered for both ladies & gents.

  1. Pour it On

Check the Tory Burch website for a whole collection of great hostess gifts.  We especially like the beautiful blue and white handpainted, ceramic Spongewear Pitcher.  Your party host will definitely be grateful to have an extra place to put flowers or a decorative way to serve drinsks.

  1. Unisex Accessory

A David Yurman bracelet or two. If you get the men’s Chevron Triple Wrap Bracelet or the Spiritual Bead Bracelet you won’t have to worry about buying a men’s and a women’s just-in-case gift, because they’d look great on ANYONE!

10.  Keep it Classic

A pair of earrings from the Lester Lampert Voilla collection, because they’re simple enough to suit any personality you may come across this holiday season, but striking enough that they’re still unique!

Save yourself some struggle this holiday season, and pick up a handful of these versatile gifts to be your go-to stand-by gifts for anyone you may have left off your list!


5 Ways to Pamper Yourself This Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are almost upon us.

For most, the season is one of giving, joy and appreciation.But even for those who wait all year for this season, there’s usually at least a bit of stress that goes along with celebrating the holidays.

Between the challenge of getting the perfect gift for every person on your list and worrying about looking your best for all of those holiday parties, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.Elysian Spa

That’s why it’s important that you also find time to take breaks amid the chaos and treat yourself.  After all, you won’t be much good to anyone else if you’re not rested, relaxed and feeling your best.

While Oak Street is the perfect place to do your shopping for friends and family, it’s also the ideal spot for a little “me time.”  Read on for a few suggestions.

1.   A Day at the Spa

What better way to release stress and tension than a tranquil day at the spa?  When stress builds up, it often makes itself known in our appearance and even our health.  You can see those sleepless nights on your skin and feel it in your blood pressure.

So, spending a bit of time with therapeutic treatments at a spa is not so much an indulgence as it is a necessity.  For ladies and gents alike, a massage, facial or body treatment is a great way to de-stress and recharge those depleted batteries.  It’s like a mini vacation for your mind and body.

2.  A New You

Sometimes something as minor as a new hairstyle can rejuvenate your spirit when you’re feeling rundown and stressed.  And because you want to be sure to look fabulous at holiday get-togethers, getting a new look is a great route to boosting your confidence. Try to go for a new color or style that you’ve never tried!

3.  Treat Yourself

Sure, the majority of your shopping efforts this season is focused on others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick yourself up something nice when you need a little lift.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant (but it can be!) to act as a pick-me-up.  Even something like a new pair of earrings or a stylish winter hat can put a smile on your face when you’re tired and stressed.

4.  Eat Well

If you’re like most people, you end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen this time of year – Christmas cookies, holiday meals, potluck dinners…it can get exhausting! Why not take a night off and let someone else prepare you a 5-star meal?  We suggest one of the nation’s top chefs who just happen to cook in the fine restaurants right here on Oak Street.  Just make sure to get a nice bottle of wine and save room for dessert – you deserve it.

5. Take a Stay-Cation

It can be hard to get away during the holidays.  And even if you do, it’s probably for a family visit, which isn’t exactly a vacation.  But it’s not so hard to get away for a night, is it?  Play tourist and book yourself a luxury room in the Gold Coast.  You can enjoy a nice meal, take in some theatre or live music and pretend to be far away from your responsibilities and worries for a night.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as they say.  But if it’s also the most stressful time of the year for you, it’s important that you find ways to keep yourself balanced, happy and healthy.  And we think that indulging in a bit of self-pampering is one of the surest ways to do just that.


How to Do Stand-Out Outerwear This Winter

If last winter was any indication, we’ll all be spending the majority of the next 5 months tightly bundled up in our cold weather gear. 

When anything like a Polar Vortex hits, it’s hard to worry about looking good to head outside – you’re probably just hoping you don’t freeze before you make it to the car.

But we know that no matter how cold it gets, you’d like to stay stylish.  And because outerwear’s main purpose is utilitarian, it can be easy to neglect fashion when it comes to bundling up.

So, we came up with some helpful tips for those who want their outwear look to have more “ooh-la la” and less “blah.”


Most people tend to choose neutrals for coats and winter accessories. I guess the thinking is that your coat has to match all of your clothes, so it’s best to pick something like black.  That’s just not the case though.  As long as the coat and accessories looks good with the bottom half of your outfit, which is often neutral itself, you’re golden!

So, skip the lackluster colors and choose a coat in a vibrant color like emerald green, ruby red or royal blue.  And don’t be afraid to pair your bold coat with accessories in a different complimentary shade.  Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but the colors will help you feel a bit more cheery in the dreary winter days when the whole world is white and gray.


When shopping for a new coat or jacket, look for ones with distinctive silhouettes to ensure that you don’t look like every other shivering Chicagoan.  There are gorgeous pieces out there that have asymmetrical hems, oversized collars or a circle skirt bottom.  Most outwear you see is cut straight up and down, so just a small difference in style will set you apart.

Vintage Flair

Sometimes the best place to look for style inspiration is the past.  If you’re after a unique outerwear look, go retro.  For coats, women should search for styles that resemble a 60s swing dress and men can look to the classic navy pea coat.  And don’t forget the all-important hat, which is a great way togive a fun nod to days of yore.  Think Mad Men for chic Fedoras or cloche hats that can keep you
warm and make you look very, very cool.

Keep it Fresh

When winter starts, we might be excited for our cold-weather look, but that gets old pretty fast.  So, to keep your style fresh and interesting, make sure that you have several different accessories that you can pair with your coat. With a few different pairs of gloves, hats and scarves you’ll have tons of combinations to create various looks depending on the occasion and your mood.

This winter, don’t let the weather get you down and beat you into style submission.  Though it might be downright freezing out there, you can still maintain a chic appearance with a little planning and careful shopping.

Light Up the Holidays on Oak Street

Light Up the Holidays on Oak Street – Saturday, November 15


WHAT:  On Saturday, November 15, fifteen Oak Street boutiques will donate 15% of their sales to the Lurie Children’s Hospital Foundation as part of the first annual Light Up the Holidays event, sponsored by the Oak Street Council and Town & Country magazine.  As part of the celebration, participating boutiques will offer shoppers special in-store treats such as sips, snacks, gifts with purchase and other goodies.  Additionally, editors from Town & Country magazine will be on-hand at various stores throughout the day to meet and greet shoppers and share their style tips.

WHERE:  Oak Street between Michigan Avenue and Rush Street

WHEN:  Saturday, November 15, 10am-6pm


11:30am-1:30pm @ Graff, 103 E. Oak Street

Guests will kick off Light Up the Holidays with complimentary mimosas and have the opportunity to meet Town & Country style director Stellene Volandes.

11:30am- 1:30pm, Paul Stuart, 107 E. Oak Street

Town & Country style director Stellene Volandes shares her favorite gifts of the season.

12:00-2:00pm on Oak Street

Spiaggia serves complimentary Illy espressos from their charming Italian street cart to warm and energize shoppers, who will also receive special offers from Café Spiaggia that day.

12:00-2:00pm, Maje, 104 E. Oak

Shoppers will be treated to champagne, hot cider, Mexican hot chocolate and French pastries from Vanille.  Guests who make a $500 purchase will also receive a fabulous goodie bag .

12:30-2:30pm, Morgenthal Frederics, 129 E. Oak Street

Town & Country style writer Sarah Bray will be on hand to share her tips on finding the perfect frames for your face shape.

12:00-2:00pm, David Yurman, 40 E. Oak Street

Stellene Volandes, Town & Country style director, mingles with guests while they enjoy complimentary champagne and truffles.

12:30pm – 2:30pm, Piazza Sempione ,34 E. Oak Street

1:00-3:00pm, Tory Burch, 45 E. Oak Street

Sarah Bray, Town & Country style writer, helps shoppers choose the perfect gift for the women in their lives (or for themselves).

1:00pm – 3:00pm, Lester Lampert Jewelry, 57 E. Oak Street

Complimentary champagne, sushi and chocolates will be served as guests browse and try on fabulous jewels for special occasion and every-day.

2:00-4:00pm @ Alexis Bittar, 61 E. Oak

3:00-5:00pm @ Escada, 51 E. Oak

Escada hosts a Trunk Show with live models for their Resort 2015 collection while Sarah Bray, T&C style writer, shares her top picks for the season.

2:00–4:00pm – Sandro, 102 E. Oak

3:00–5:00pm – Buccellati, 62 E. Oak

For guests, Buccellati hosts a afternoon tea featuring an elegant spread of exotic brews and delightful sweets, served on Buccellati’s signature silver.

4:00–6:00pm – Pomellato, 41 E. Oak

T&C style director Stellene Volandes meets-and-greets guests at 4pm.

4:00–6:00pm – The Perfect Setting, 67 E. Oak

Spotlight on Tory Burch

Tory Burch is brand that has rocketed to fame in its 10 years of operation and its stylish yet practical designs have brought a breath of fresh air to women’s ready to wear apparel.

But what makes Tory Burch designs so appealing and what is the secret to their success? We explore how this American label has developed and grown in its short but prolific time.

Their Story

Dubbed an “American Lifestyle Brand” Tory Burch was launched in 2004 in Manhattan. Word spread about the small boutique establishment and the timeless style and effortless bohemian beauty of the pieces soon found a willing and enthusiastic market.

The small boutique also launched its huge online store Toryburch.com in that same year and through clever social media management, Tory Blog and Tory Daily they have established a huge brand following. The brand has been featured on Oprah and is the recipient of multiple fashion awards. The Tory Burch website and blog was also nominated for a Webby award for its innovative use of original content.

Who is Tory Burch?Tory Burch 2

Tory Burch is the CEO, creator and inspiration behind the brand, with the collections drawing from her own personal style. She was named one of Forbes’s Most Powerful women in the world and the brand has been recognised for a wide range of fashion awards including the Rising Star Award from Fashion Group International.

Tory Burch Style

The brand is most notable for its use of color and print in collections and pieces combining elements from the Tory’s classically stylish upbringing and her slightly more whimsical and bohemian style. Tory Burch has had many notable brand partnerships over the years, including Luxittica, Fossil and Estee Lauder, which allows customers to not only take advantage of uniquely stylish Tory Burch attire but to also enjoy products from a range of highly reputable brands within the Tory Burch boutiques.

Inspired by art, design, music, travel and culture, the Tory Burch range is a refreshing and enchanting take on more classical fashion that allows the wearer to be both glamorous and carefree at the same time. The brand also has a social responsibility policy that includes the Tory Burch Foundation which focuses on providing microenterprise loans, investment, mentorship and support to female entrepreneurs across the USA. The aim of the foundation is to secure the future of female-owned businesses across the country.

Included in the 2014 look book are such design elements as metallic tones, carefully chosen accents and embellishments, floral patterns and high contrast monochrome motifs. The Tory Burch collections are always tied together by strong threads of color and theme, traits that she has become so noted for that she has released a book documenting her style and lifestyle in relation to color.

Each collection features not just dresses, skirts, trousers and other attire but also the accompanying accessories including shoes, handbags, jewellery, sunglasses, perfume, home decor and even tech related accessories such as phone and tablet covers for a totally inclusive look.

Though in the fashion world Tory Burch brand is a relative newcomer, the brand has already seen amazing success and garnered the respect of both the industry and its loyal customers.  Visit the gorgeous Tory Burch store on Oak Street to get a glimpse of the unique brand firsthand.