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Alton LaneThere’s just nothing like having something custom-made for you, is there?

In days of yore, ordering a customized item was standard – it’s how most people bought clothes, shoes, household items and more.  And this was for good reason; people knew exactly what they wanted and weren’t willing to settle for less.

Nowadays bespoke items are a little less common, but no less desirable.  Having something created precisely to your specifications and measurements is a lovely luxury everyone should experience at least once.

Fortunately, Oak Street is home to several distinctive businesses that offer customers a bespoke shopping experience.

Alton Lane

With showrooms in several major cities in the country, Alton Lane is a master of the bespoke men’s suit.  When you walk into one of their shops, it’s immediately apparent that you’re in for something special.  The proffered glass of scotch and beautiful, masculine décor make you feel right at home.

Next, prepare to be seriously impressed by the process of customizing every single detail of your suit – you’ll have a huge range of choices for everything from the fabric to the lapel width to the cuff vents.  After all of your choices are finalized, you’ll enter their state-of-the-art 3-D body scanner and get hand-measured as well.

Finally, your measurements and specifications are sent off to be hand drawn and laser cut before being put together and sent to your doorstep.  Trust us, you’ll feel and look like a VIP when it’s all said and done.


When you get a bespoke suit from this Italian men’s fashion icon, you’ll be joining the ranks of men like Clark Gable, Cary Grant, John Paul Stuart BespokeWayne and Al Pacino, just to name a few.  Brioni has been in the business since the 1950’s, when they opened their first shop in Rome and began designing for the Eternal City’s elite.  When you visit their Oak Street shop and take advantage of their Su Misura (“to your measurement” in Italian) services, you’ll see just how seriously they take craftsmanship, quality and custom tailoring.

Paul Stuart

This company has been in the custom fashion business for nearly 80 years and continues to be a leader in bespoke style.  Their ready-to-wear collection is always custom-tailored to each man, but you also have the option of Mad-to-Measure and Paul Stuart Custom. The latter involves a Lester Lampertmeticulous process that results in a hand-cut suit and a unique paper pattern of your measurements that’s kept on file for life.  Paul Stuart prides itself on getting to know your preferences, aesthetic, and vision for your personal style, and making sure that the end product is a perfect expression of your taste.

Lester Lampert

When it comes to jewelry, many women like to have one-of-a-kind pieces that they’ll never see on anyone else – it makes a special piece feel all the more special.  If your style is this unique, consider having something designed and created just for you by an independent jewelry store that does all of their own designing and manufacturing on-site, like Lester Lampert.

When you work with their expert jewelry designers, you’ll see your piece come to life from a drawing to a wax mold to the final product that’s presented to you.  And part of what makes Lester Lampert so special is the fact that every step is done on premises in their Oak Street workshop, which means unparalleled quality control and craftsmanship.

These are just a few of the bespoke style experts that call Oak Street home.  Next time you’re looking for something truly distinctive, consider the amazing possibilities of custom-made.

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