Chic Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

Everyone knows that Halloween parties are a time to get creative and wear something a bit different, strange or sinister. But some of us don’t like to compromise our sophisticated style, even for a costume party.

Luckily, there are lots of options for costumes that are just as fashionable as they are festive.  We’ve compiled some of the most fashionable and chic ways to get into the spirit of Halloween without wincing when you look back at the photos in a few months’ time.

Men’s Costumes

There are a few classic Halloween looks for men that resurface every year without fail. Generic 1920s mobster and charmingly scruffy pirate are amongst those staples, but here are a few flattering alternatives you may not have thought of:

Patrick Bateman

Emulate the chillingly ruthless yet handsome and stylish main character of American Psycho with a sharp suit, shirt and tie, then don your Halloween 2see through plastic poncho and splatter around some fake blood. To complete the look, carry a fake axe and comb your hair back just like Christian Bale in the movie.

Doctor Who

Want to go as someone generally dapper and recognisable? The 12 regenerations of British Icon Doctor Who have some excellent attire to
work with. From tweed coats, to bright blazers, bow ties to leather jackets, there is a huge range of looks to choose from and you are likely to find something to suit your style in at least one of The Doctor’s many incarnations.

Disney Princes and Gentlemen

This is not as difficult or farfetched as it sounds. The very individual and historically based costumes such as The Beast from Beauty and the Beast, with his yellow and blue formal attire, to the cockney chimney sweep threads of Bert, you can take these highly recognizable costumes and dress them up or down. For example for Bert, all you need is a button up shirt, suspenders, a flat cap, jacket and trousers. Make them look a bit grimy and kicked around, add a bit of “soot” to your face and you have a costume!

LadiesHalloween 3

You could go as yet another witch or find a skimpy cliché costume, or you can use some of these timeless, flattering or stylish looks based on some of the most elegant or prominent female characters in popular fiction today.

Daenerys Targaryen

She is the simply stunning and somewhat unfortunate Queen of Game of Thrones. Her look of simple and effortless beauty is easy to create
and effective. You need platinum blonde hair, be it a wig or dyed, in soft curls held back by thin braids coming from the temples, a flowing Romanesque gown in soft pastel colours and fantasy-inspired accents, such as a dragon brooch from the bust of the dress, arm bands or a simple necklace.

Daisy Buchanan

Take a trip back to 1920s with the stunning fashions of the Great Gatsby. You will need some vintage inspired threads, think thin sparkly, free waisted dress, a cropped blonde wig or hair and a beautiful ornate
headband with a floral or feathery feature.

Katniss Everdeen

It’s so easy to recreate and perfect for if you want to be able to party all night in comfort and style. The protagonist in the Hunger Games, Katniss, wears attire with a slightly militant feel to it. You will need big black boots, cargo pants, a black top and a black leather jacket. Finish off the look with a fake bow and arrow set and tie back your hair, or if you want to get the color right use a brown or auburn wig.

Put the fake blood and the silly masks away and go for a classy, stylish costume this year.

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