How to Add Rocker Chic to Your Style

saintlaurentleatherRock stars like Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett, and David Bowie set the standard rock n’ roll looks by 1980 and they still hold true today.

Leather jackets, tough black boots, and daring hairstyles are a great way to add a little edge to your style and communicate your undying love for classic music.

However, it’s not completely for everyone. That is why in this piece we will break down a few parts of the rock n’ roll look that anyone can add to their look.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a staple in many people’s wardrobes, but a risk for some who still associate it with dangerous bikers and wild musicians. However, a quality leather jacket is truly a beautiful garment everyone should own. Plus, it’s easy to combine it with more conservative looks to create some of the aesthetics of a rocker without completely changing your style.

For men, combine a Saint Laurent leather jacket with a nice pair of well-fitting trousers and a button down to show that your inner rocker is still alive, despite your conservative office job. For women, put on your favorite long dress or skinny jeans and add a bold leather jacket on top. You can even wear one to work by combining it with a pencil skirt, a nice button down, or sweater.


Changing your hairstyle is always assumed to be a big risk. And don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be but most stylists recommend changing your hairstyle every 3-5 months in order to keep it interesting. After all, nothing makes you look more outdated than having the same haircut for 20 years. But if you’re not ready to think about the scissors, consider using products and heat to give your old cut a new look.

So why not try out a hair style with a slight rocker look, even if you’re just messing around in front of your bathroom mirror?   For guys, think about making your hair look a little less perfect and polished? Create a controlled messy look with a light gel or serum. Women can try bangs, short pixie cuts, or bold highlights to create an edgy look.


By now, even the most conservative among us wear boots, but if you want to add a little rocker chic to your look, it may be time to try out some different styles of the shoe standby.

Women should try boots with a bit of rocker embellishment – a few studs or a little fringe is a great way to reference rocker chic in a subtle way. Men can pair them with skinny jeans casually, or with a t-shirt, blazer and khakis for a slightly more formal look.

Rock N’ Roll was originally for those who wanted to rage against authority without a care for the consequences. Rock N’ Rollers want their message to be heard loud and clear.

But regardless of your attitude for authority or your taste in music, you can borrow a little of the style that made rockstars so cool. So, go pick up a pair of boots and a tough leather jacket, mess up your hair andhead out on the town with an extra swagger in your step.







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