How to Do Stand-Out Outerwear This Winter

If last winter was any indication, we’ll all be spending the majority of the next 5 months tightly bundled up in our cold weather gear. 

When anything like a Polar Vortex hits, it’s hard to worry about looking good to head outside – you’re probably just hoping you don’t freeze before you make it to the car.

But we know that no matter how cold it gets, you’d like to stay stylish.  And because outerwear’s main purpose is utilitarian, it can be easy to neglect fashion when it comes to bundling up.

So, we came up with some helpful tips for those who want their outwear look to have more “ooh-la la” and less “blah.”


Most people tend to choose neutrals for coats and winter accessories. I guess the thinking is that your coat has to match all of your clothes, so it’s best to pick something like black.  That’s just not the case though.  As long as the coat and accessories looks good with the bottom half of your outfit, which is often neutral itself, you’re golden!

So, skip the lackluster colors and choose a coat in a vibrant color like emerald green, ruby red or royal blue.  And don’t be afraid to pair your bold coat with accessories in a different complimentary shade.  Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but the colors will help you feel a bit more cheery in the dreary winter days when the whole world is white and gray.


When shopping for a new coat or jacket, look for ones with distinctive silhouettes to ensure that you don’t look like every other shivering Chicagoan.  There are gorgeous pieces out there that have asymmetrical hems, oversized collars or a circle skirt bottom.  Most outwear you see is cut straight up and down, so just a small difference in style will set you apart.

Vintage Flair

Sometimes the best place to look for style inspiration is the past.  If you’re after a unique outerwear look, go retro.  For coats, women should search for styles that resemble a 60s swing dress and men can look to the classic navy pea coat.  And don’t forget the all-important hat, which is a great way togive a fun nod to days of yore.  Think Mad Men for chic Fedoras or cloche hats that can keep you
warm and make you look very, very cool.

Keep it Fresh

When winter starts, we might be excited for our cold-weather look, but that gets old pretty fast.  So, to keep your style fresh and interesting, make sure that you have several different accessories that you can pair with your coat. With a few different pairs of gloves, hats and scarves you’ll have tons of combinations to create various looks depending on the occasion and your mood.

This winter, don’t let the weather get you down and beat you into style submission.  Though it might be downright freezing out there, you can still maintain a chic appearance with a little planning and careful shopping.

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