The Hottest in Fall Fashion Staples

saintlaurentSummer coming to an end is always a little bittersweet.

Yes, we lose long days and nights of light and heat, but we also gain fantastic views of foliage and that little chill in the air that makes it OK to take out our favorite boots and sweaters.

With this soon-to-be change in weather creeping up on us, now is the perfect time to prepare so you don’t get caught in the cold wearing a flimsy cotton shirt and last year’s fall trends.

But just what are the best ways to dress during the fall? Some of that depends on your personal style, but the essentials are the same for everyone who lives in our chilly climate. Here we prescribe the best dose of fall outerwear staples.


Ah, boots…for many, this footwear favorite is the only saving grace of cold weather. As we sadly bid adieu to shorts and tank tops, we do a secret happy dance the first time we get to pull our favorite boots out of the closet.

The beauty of this fall staple is that it can be worn with almost any look. In the fall there will be days when the weather just can’t quite make up its mind. On the afternoons that lean a bit warm, women can wear ankle boots with a dress, and on the chillier days, pull a pair of mid-calf boots over skinny jeans.


We all know that hoodies are perfect for lounging at home or for quick errands. In fact, one of your simple fall pleasures is probably pulling out your soft, worn college hoodie to wear around the house.

But just because they’ve long been associated with lounging doesn’t mean hoodies can’t be stylish too. Many of today’s hottest designers are coming out with amazingly artistic and chic versions of hoodies and pullovers that will keep you both cozy and stylish as the temperatures dip.


Flannel isn’t just for Kurt Cobain and grunge rockers anymore – in case you haven’t noticed, the 90s are back in a very big way. Celebrities like Kanye West and Rihanna have been seen wearing flannel very stylishly over the past year.

Classic black and red, navy, or olive flannels work very well as layering pieces under a leather jacket, hoodie, or over a t-shirt for a laidback weekend look. And if you want to take flannel to new levels, look for chic flannel skirts & dresses or structured blazers.

Raw Denim

Raw denim isn’t just like any other pair of jeans in your closet – buying a pair of raw denim jeans is for serious denim enthusiasts who are ready to invest in giving the perfect pair that perfect fade. Taking proper care of raw denim is a bit of a process, but it’s worth the investment – it’s made to last 20 years, if not more, and only gets better with age. Brands like Rag and Bone, APC and more are known for selling fantastic raw denim at Barney’s.

Although watching summer coming to an end can be sad, fall always brings a new sense of energy and change. If you truly have a hard time seeing summer fade, the best way to cheer yourself up is to experiment with some new fall trends.

We don’t know about you, but we think that shopping is almost always the quickest way to feel better about the impending Chicago winter.





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