Women’s Summer Collections
Stand out Pieces and Trends

Being considered a trendsetter is truly one of the greatest compliments in fashion. Mary Quant, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Kate Moss. These women are style icons that are adored the world over.

Why? Because they took fashion to the next level at all times. They not only stayed up to date with trends, they made the trends their own.

What should women expect to add to their style repertoire this summer? We touch on our favorites below.

Orange is the New Black

Orange. While it’s mostly associated with Halloween, this summer orange is associated with youth and energy.  Bold and bright will be two terms associated with you when rocking this color, especially when it is on your lips.

Orange lipstick and dresses have been seen on many runways recently. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a supermodel to pull the color off. Depending on your skin tone, orange can be a great compliment with little risk involved.

If you have darker skin and usually wear fuschia lipstick, try a rich burnt orange with brown undertones. If you are pale, try a light peachy shade. Both of these pairings will add new life to your usual look. But, be careful – with too much eye makeup, orange lipstick can be a little too much. Let your orange lips be the star and go more neutral on the rest of your face.

When it comes to your outfit, you can bring in the bold color as little or as much as you want.  Don’t be afraid to go full out with an orange dress or pants.  If your look is a little more understated, add a slight touch of orange through vibrant accessories.Lanvin Dress

Though it’s a bright color, it can be quite versatile for both formal and sporty looks.  Victoria secret models Karlie Kloss and others pulled off the formal look with a chic dress, while Jordan Dunn and others showcased the color’s sport leverage in a casual top.

Iridescent: Back to the Futur

It’s almost as if Ziggy Stardust with 90s influence has been designing for many of the most renowned designers.  Several designers, such as Armani and Lanvin, showed shiny metallic pieces on models styled in a very avant garde manner. Every designer added his or her own touch of originality when styling to maintain some brand recognition, but iridescence seemed to be a common thread.

Lanvin showed a slinky, below-the-knee cocktail dress that looked like liquid gold at this year’s London Fashion Week. Meanwhile, Katy Perry and Rihanna showcased small touches of iridescence through Jimmy Choo shoes and a Philip Lim top. The point is you can either dive head first into the trend or just dip your toe in.

Floral Femininity

Who doesn’t love flowers? They bring beautiful smells to you home and remind us all of lush, warm weather.  However, in fashion, the floral print can sometimes be misunderstood. For many, florals bring escadato mind grannies and their outdated drapes.

Every designer is very aware of this negative connotation so they go above and beyond to make their looks current and avoid any dowdy associations.

In 2012 and 2013 we saw the floral trend start to sprout and now it’s in full bloom. Designers for ESCADA and Ted Baker are capitalizing on the revitalizing power of flowers for this spring.

Escada shows the print with more vibrant colors influenced by tropical and Asian culture. However, if these looks aren’t for you there are many other designers taking advantage of other floral tactics that may work.

Delicate florals keep your look subtle and allow you to match with lighter shades. Although this is usually considered quite the opposite of spring trends, dark florals show intensity and sternness, and are perfect for certain personalities. Floral suits are an option if you are a risk taker. Just make sure the suit is tailored to your body or you may end up looking like you just stepped out of a dusty Salvation Army.

There’s a fine line between knowing your style personality and being stuck in your ways.  You may be confident in your signature look, but you can always find ways to evolve with great new trends while staying true to yourself.

And, like the fashion greats of the past, the best approach is to tweak new trends to truly make them your own.


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