Accessory Trends for Spring 2021

Fashion always moves forward, so now is the time to plan and shop for your spring 2021 wardrobe with fashionable choices from the Oak Street District. Accessories are a must to personalize everything you wear and create a look that’s all your own, and this spring, top designers are answering the call to provide unique, exquisite pieces that will complete your spring look. 


The wrap. This season, top designers have created bold new statement pieces using the tradition of the warm, cozy wrap and adding unique textures and colors to complement your spring wardrobe. Wraps add that extra shape and warmth that enhance any style. Look for this season’s exceptional designer wraps at Prada and other Oak Street District accessory boutiques.


Comfortable shoes. This spring, look for unique shoe designs that celebrate comfort as well as style. From gorgeous slipper shoes to quilted ski boots, there are plenty of choices that you’ll want to add to your spring wardrobe collection. You can find elegant and sophisticated shoe styles at Giorgio Armani and other fine fashion houses in Oak Street District like Tod’s, which features handmade, fine quality Italian shoes.


Totes and handmade bags. The warm season ahead will bring a slew of unique selections in handbags, with a nod toward handmade and sustainable choices for your spring wardrobe. Totes are practical as well as fashionable, and this season’s collection includes unique leather macrame and other exquisite materials and designs. This season’s handbags are handmade with high-quality recycled or sustainable materials that help the environment while making your spring wardrobe a one-of-a-kind collection. Find unique choices at Jimmy Choo and other Oak Street District fashion houses.


Phone cases. Our phones go everywhere with us, and designer lanyards and phone cases are the accessories that complement your wardrobe while keeping your smartphone close at hand. This season, designers are adding their own interpretations to the classic styles we saw last year. You’ll find phone cases, clips, and lanyards in unique designs and quality materials at Christian Louboutin and other accessory boutiques in the Oak Street District.


Face masks. Quality face masks are still required in most places, so top designers are stepping up with unique and fashionable additions that make this a must-have accessory for your spring wardrobe. You’ll see a wide variety of face mask designs that coordinate with this spring’s top-trending outfits and that add unique designs like bows and chains to complete the look.


Accessories are an important part of your wardrobe, so it’s time to shop now for the accessories that will personalize your spring wardrobe at the Oak Street District. The Oak Street District is located in the heart of the downtown area, just steps away from Michigan Avenue. Oak Street District is the premier destination for luxury accommodations, superb fine dining, exquisite high-end salon, and spa experiences, and exceptional boutique shopping at the world’s most sought-after fashion houses, curated into the finest luxury Chicago experience for you.

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