Fall Trends in Luxury Timepieces

Fall Trends in Luxury Timepieces

Accessories are an important component of your new fall wardrobe. The right timepiece does more than give you practical information – it makes a statement about your style. This season, there are several elements to consider when making your choice about a new luxury timepiece.

Shape. This season, luxury timepieces are taking on unique shapes that challenge the tradition of a round clock. Semi-circles are one example that gives you a both practical and unique look.

Color. Non-traditional clock face colors will be popular this season, giving you a new way to coordinate your fall wardrobe. With many colors to choose from, you can own several pieces so you’re ready to put together any look you want in seconds.

Design. From palm leaves that let you reminisce about your beachside vacation to bold and daring reptiles, today’s top designers are adding artistic elements to luxury timepieces that let you showcase your own unique personality.

Features. If a versatile timepiece is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in this season’s luxury designs. We’re seeing both unique and practical features like perpetual calendars, GMT displays, chronometers, tachymeters, moon phases, and more.

Materials. Many of this season’s most popular watches are gold, with other popular colors and materials like stainless steel, high-quality leather, and many more unique choices.

Size. Many of this season’s luxury timepieces are slightly smaller, especially in the fall men’s collections by top designers. These exceptional, compact choices never skimp on quality, design, or features.

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