Cutting-Edge Culinary Trends for 2021

Mouth-watering delicacies, innovative dishes, one-of-a-kind craft cocktails – you can find the very best of it all in the exceptional cuisine prepared by world-class chefs at the Oak Street District. Creative innovations and incomparable flavor are the hallmarks of fine cuisine, and we’re proud to have so many of the world’s top award-winning chefs to help deliver our luxury Chicago experience to you.


Despite the many challenges the culinary industry has experienced this year, we’re amazed at the innovative, exceptional trends emerging from the creative dishes curated by these talented chefs.


Whole foods. This past year has put a strong emphasis on healthy eating, and the trend is evident in this year’s top chef creations. Expect to see more fine cuisine with whole grain, lean protein, and fresh vegetable foundations that deliver exceptional nutrition with unparalleled taste. It’s a welcome trend to world-class chefs as these fresh, locally produced foods bring an exquisite richness to the menus.


Wellness. Extending the whole foods trend, there’s a continued emphasis on ingredients that support wellness. This year, we’ll see many fine cuisine dishes that support the immune system through immune-boosting ingredients with vitamins E, C, and zinc, as well as those that support a healthy biome through probiotic ingredients. Health and wellbeing are a primary focus in many chef creations, with incomparable taste always the top priority.


Mood-enhancers. This year, many top chef’s creations will be built on a foundation of serotonin-releasing ingredients like tofu, turkey, and eggs. Foods that contain the amino acid tryptophan help the body synthesize serotonin, a hormone that stabilizes and elevates mood and assists with healthy sleep patterns. This trend is a part of the holistic wellbeing emphasis that we’ll see adopted by most top chefs this year.


Global heritage dishes. Restrictions on travel last year have left many of us yearning for those international flavors we adore. This year, Chicago’s award-winning chefs have turned their attention to heritage dishes that celebrate global cultures by moving well beyond the more popular staples of each country. It’s an emphasis on cultural awareness that transports the diner with a global experience through the exceptional regional fare of each destination.


Regional cuisine. There’s also an exciting trend toward celebrating regional American cuisine, and there’s no better place than Chicago to enjoy unparalleled local dishes. The world-class, award-winning chefs in the Oak Street District delight in creating innovative cuisine based on the celebrated culinary traditions of Chicago, one of the nation’s top destinations for fine dining.


Distinctive oils and spices. One of the most exciting aspects of culinary creation is incorporating unique and varied seasonings to enhance the flavor of fresh, healthy ingredients. This year, we’ll see plenty of fiery creations using imported spices and reimagined seasoning combinations, as well as menus that emphasize unique artisan oils to add a distinctive flavor to these innovative dishes.


With many of the fine dining restaurants in the Oak Street District open for carryout and contact-free delivery, you can enjoy all the cutting-edge culinary trends now. From the creative Italian cuisine at Spiaggia to the iconic Chicago cuisine at Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse to the unparalleled artisan bread at Hendrikx Bakery and so many more, the Oak Street District is the premier destination for the world’s finest cuisine, with innovative and curated dishes by top award-winning chefs.


The Oak Street District is located in the heart of the downtown area, just steps away from Michigan Avenue. Oak Street District is the premier destination for superb fine dining, luxury accommodations, exquisite high-end salon, and spa experiences, and exceptional boutique shopping at the world’s most sought-after fashion houses, curated into the finest luxury Chicago experience for you.

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