Designer Hairstyles from the Spring 2021 Fashion Runways

With spring almost here, now is the time to be sure you have everything you need for an extraordinary spring wardrobe. While designing your spring look, the perfect hairstyle is one of the most important elements of your personal style. This year, we’re seeing several patterns emerge for spring hairstyles that will help you complete the package and get the look you want at one of the luxury salons and spas in the Oak Street District.

Wispy waves. For every length of hair, we’ve seen soft, delicate waves topping off many of the newest designer looks that made their debut on this spring’s fashion runways. It’s all about a soft, muted style that adds volume to the hair with a gentle texture that’s both chic and feminine.

Blunt and beautiful bobs. Because so many women have grown their hair during the pandemic lockdown, designers are welcoming the warmth of spring this year with decidedly short and dramatic bobs for an easy style that can be personalized for your individual look. Choose straight and sophisticated, wavy and romantic, or even a bold asymmetrical cut to make the bob fit your unique personality.

Peek-a-boo pastels. We talked before about the newest hair color trends we’ve seen on the spring 2021 designer runways, but it’s worth repeating here because a gentle wisp of pastel color is a great look for spring. Pinks are huge this year but don’t be afraid to make a statement with any pastel color that best suits your own personality. Try it out as a piece on one side, as a little color on the ends, or for your bangs for a beautiful look that shows off your individuality.

Floral infusion. To match the decidedly feminine look of many spring collections by top designers, a refreshing new trend has emerged that adds natural elements like fresh flowers or floral clips. Florals are a perfect accent for updos as well as longer, textured styles.

Fabulous curtain bangs. The trend toward long, delicate curtain bangs continues this spring, with many top designers embracing this face-framing style. Perfect for mid-length to long hair, curtain bangs add a look of romantic sophistication to your style.

Inspired to try one of this spring’s top hairstyles to enhance your spring wardrobe? Visit one of the luxury salons and spas in the Oak Street District, including George Charles Salon, STIL Salon, and Spa, Charles Ifergan, and more, where world-class stylists are ready to create the look you want for your 2021 spring style.

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