Fine Jewelry Trends for 2020 at Oak Street District

With spring beginning just next month now is the perfect time to build and refresh your spring wardrobe. For many of us, this means acquiring new accessories to add color, interest, and uniqueness to our timeless wardrobe pieces. Fine jewelry is one of the most elegant ways to make a statement and personalize your wardrobe, and an excursion to Oak Street District’s luxury fine jewelry boutiques is the perfect way to find everything you need for your spring fashion needs. To inspire your selections, we’ve reviewed some of the best offerings from top designers to find the most endearing fine jewelry trends for the upcoming season. 

Buccellati bracelet

 Oversized pieces. One of the most prolific trends on the runways this season is the oversized piece – hoop earrings, large chain necklaces, and thicker textures in quality materials that draw the eye. Whether outfitting for business or a casual occasion, large, bold pieces add a contemporary touch to any wardrobe. 

Silver. Gold is timeless, but silver pieces are leading the fashion trends this spring. Top designers are crafting unique pieces in this precious metal in styles that align with modern wardrobe trends. Look for distinctive silver pieces at Oak Street District fine jewelers like Harry Winston, Graff, and Buccellati

Pomellato ring

Color. Accessories are the conduit for spring color in the spring wardrobe, and even fine jewelry can contribute to this fresh, new look for the upcoming season. Strategically placed gemstones add color to fine necklaces, rings, earrings, and other pieces that complement the wardrobe and announce the arrival of spring. Exceptional craftsmanship is the key to lasting beauty in your fine jewelry accessories, and you will find the most experienced fine jewelry artists, such as Pomellato, to craft your exquisite pieces in the Oak Street District.

Pearls. We are thrilled about the continued use of pearls in fine jewelry for spring 2020. Pearls will make your fine jewelry piece simple yet sophisticated, contemporary with a touch of classic elegance, and understated while unapologetically stylish. Pearls enhance the beauty of nearly any fine jewelry piece, including rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, and hair clips. 

Razny Jewelers watch

Watches. The right timepiece makes a statement about your style, and fine watches never go out of style. In fact, in today’s modern society where you find the current time as close as your smartphone, the watch has transcended practicality to become a piece of wearable art. New trends in watch style for 2020 include minimalistic designs, salmon and blue-tinted designs, and smaller timepieces with extraordinary frames. You’ll find exquisite, impeccably crafted timepieces at Rolex by Razny Jewelers, Patek Philippe by Razny Jewelers, Harry Winston, Geneva Seal, Buccellati, and other fine timepiece boutiques in Oak Street Plaza.

You’ll find endless inspiration to accessorize your spring wardrobe with fine jewelry at the Oak Street District, famous for its luxury shopping, exquisite accommodations, and innovative culinary experiences. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago just steps away from Michigan Avenue, Oak Street District is the premier destination for your fine jewelry shopping experience, surrounded by luxury accommodations, fine dining, and exquisite boutique shopping at the world’s most sought-after fashion houses, together in one place to give you the finest luxury Chicago experience. 

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