Fine Jewelry Trends for Summer 2021

By now, most of us have made significant progress on our summer wardrobe collection, but there are still a few details left to top off our summer style. Accessories really do make an outfit, and fine jewelry is the finishing touch that truly showcases your individual personality. For this summer, we’re seeing some exciting trends in fine jewelry; choices that you’ll find at the fine jewelry boutiques at the Oak Street District.

Pearls. A timeless classic, today’s top jewelry designers have come up with unique ways to showcase these one-of-a-kind natural substances. From stunning necklaces to remarkable, intricate hair “nets,” you’ll find pearls at the core of several fine jeweler’s designer pieces this season.

Beach-inspired pieces. A carefree day at the beach is a moment to remember, and many top designers have created custom pieces inspired by these endearing beach vacation memories. From natural shells to bright, colorful beads, these unique materials are the basis for creative jewelry pieces that will perfectly complement your summer style.

Chains. The chain has always been a classic piece of fine jewelry, and it’s evolved throughout the years from a delicate, fine piece to a must-have accessory that becomes a part of your wardrobe. This summer, we’re seeing many different creative styles of chains on the fashion runways, and there’s a definite trend toward big, bold pieces.

Statement earrings. With video meetings dominating this year for both business and social gatherings, top jewelry designers have unleashed their creativity to create unique and stunning earrings that truly make a statement. We’re seeing a fabulous array of innovative earring designs from top jewelry houses from the single-piece look to oversized, bold designs.

Neon enamel. For the bright colors that we’re seeing on this season’s fashion runways, neon enamel pieces are the perfect match. With bold and beautiful colors that match the bright hues of summer, you’ll want several of these pieces to complement your summer wardrobe.

Glittery earrings. When summer days turn to evening activities, you’ll want to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. This season, top designers are happy to oblige, creating unique, shimmering pieces that perfectly complement your formal summer attire.

If you’re still looking to finish off your summer wardrobe with some outstanding fine jewelry pieces, the designer jewelry boutiques at the Oak Street District are the perfect places to find unique jewelry pieces for you. Located in the heart of the downtown area, just steps away from Michigan Avenue, the Oak Street District is the premier destination for exceptional boutique shopping at the world’s most sought-after fashion houses, superb fine dining, luxury accommodations, and exquisite high-end salon and spa experiences, curated into a unique and unforgettable luxury Chicago experience just for you.

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