Get Back to Your Normal Routine at Oak Street District Salons and Spas

We are now in mid-summer, and for most of us, the disruption in our routines has put a damper on those exciting plans we had in mind for this warm, sunny season. But despite all the challenges, we have all come together with resilience and are ready to move forward to the next stage. At the Oak Street District, our luxury goods merchants and exceptional service providers have spent the downtime getting ready to welcome you back to experience normalcy again.

One of the first luxury service to return is the salon – and it is a welcome feeling for those of us who have been struggling to keep our hair, skin, and nails looking great this summer. Our professional luxury salons and spas in the Oak Street District are excited to welcome you back and help return you to your normal beauty routine. We know that you’ve missed much more than haircuts and hair color touchups. Our exquisite salons and spas have to keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy and beautiful while also providing an exceptional luxury experience that helps you relax and unwind after a busy day and indulge in that much-needed “me time.”

Our salons are open again! It’s time to get back into your normal routine and the extravagant experiences you’ve come to love at the luxury salons and spas in Oak Street District. George Charles Salon, STIL Salon and Spa, Salon Lashe, Mireille Studio, Charles Ifergan, and CaTara Med Spa, the Oak Street District’s collection of exquisite luxury beauty establishments, will help you return to your normal routine with services such as:

Haircuts. Without regular haircuts, damaged split ends can start to make your hair frizzy and difficult to style. It takes an experienced artist that knows your hair to craft the perfect style for both your lifestyle and your individual personality.

Hair color. The best part of developing your personal style is selecting a hair color that reflects your unique personality. Once you’ve found it, the right color needs special upkeep from nourishing professional products, as well as regular attention from your personal colorist to keep it fresh and rich.

Haircare. During the summer, beating the frizz can be a challenge. Deep conditioning treatments, keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, and other luxury hair treatments can help soften and bind your hair to fight the frizz and make hair more manageable. 

Skincare. Your need for quality skincare is constant because most services like professional facials, waxing, lash, and brow care, and others are most effective when they are done regularly. Exceptional skincare is even more important now since face masks can cause unintended skin problems if you’re not getting your regular facials and other skincare treatments.  

Makeup and lashes. During the summer, you need a whole new collection of makeup and skincare products for your face due to weather changes. In the winter, we can wear heavier creams and foundations, but it’s crucial to lighten it up for the summer heat. Your lash extensions also need regular touch-ups to keep them looking full and luscious. A visit to the Oak Street District’s luxury salons and spas will provide you with professional makeup applications and take-home products that will keep you looking your best all summer.

Med-spa services. Luxury skin rejuvenation treatments like injectables, laser skin, and hair treatments, and skin and body wellness treatments also rely on regular appointments for the best results. Most of these services require multiple treatments over time, and the full effects are evident after weeks or months of treatment by professional med-spa technicians. Maintenance appointments are also required to keep your results looking perfect all year long.

Thankfully, you can enjoy all these services again from the exquisite luxury salons and spas here in the Oak Street District. Have you been missing your favorite stylists, colorist, esthetician, or med-spa services?

Visit us again at the Oak Street District for all your luxury beauty care needs. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, just steps away from Michigan Avenue, Oak Street District is the premier destination for luxury accommodations, superb fine dining, exquisite high-end salon, and spa experiences, and exceptional boutique shopping at the world’s most sought-after fashion houses blended together as one to deliver the finest luxury Chicago experience just for you.

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