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Richard Mille

Richard Mille began his eponymous brand in 2001. Since then, his timepiece creations have taken on legendary status for how they have revolutionized and redefined the art of traditional watchmaking. Within the physical confines of a typical watch, his timepieces make full use of three-dimensionally arching spaces and cross-sections, both for the watch case and the movement itself. Even the layout and finishing details of all the mechanical parts have been treated as essential visual and stylistic elements within the scope of Mille’s holistic approach to watchmaking.
The man himself, Richard Mille states, “Of course, a watch must be an excellent timekeeping device, with the highest chronometric results achievable. Nevertheless, I see no reason why a watch should not be fascinating and multi-layered in its visual expressivity, both inside and out, in the same way a great work of art comprises complex layers of comprehension for each particular viewer. Defining these aspects during the design process are not far removed from the world of miniaturist painting, where an entire world can open up within a very confined area of just a few square centimeters.”

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