Buccellati is one of the world’s most renowned high-jewelry Houses, celebrated for its extreme luxury, genuine Made in Italy craftsmanship, excellent design, and one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Founded in 1919, Buccellati is still faithful to its traditions and ancient workmanship techniques, such as the hand engraving and the honeycomb pattern, which date back to the goldsmith’s ateliers of Italian Renaissance.
Since the founding of the Group, the members of the Buccellati family have been personally designing every jewel, beginning with Mario, followed by Gianmaria and, today, Andrea and her daughter Lucrezia.

Buccellati has always been one of the best examples of Italian creativity and “savoir faire”. Its creations have enchanted the royal houses of the world, businesspersons, famous actors, and men and women with a refined and cultured taste.
Buccellati’s endless search of beauty continues and enters everyday life, aiming to transform daily routine into a journey towards perfect elegance.

All the brand’s new collections are based on the special blend of past and future, tradition and innovation, certainties and emotions. While all the one-of-a-kind jewels encrusted with the purest diamonds and the most amazing precious stones, exalt creativity and technique to the utmost expression of excellence and prestige.
Uniqueness and splendor are the result of a true, century-old passion for goldsmithing and of a perfect match between creative genius and dexterity.

The Chicago store is characterized by the stylistic identity, which is reproduced in its boutiques all over the world: a modern design, an elegant chromatic balance, the alternation of oak and mirrors, and a pronounced inclination to warmly welcome clients, which is typically Italian. An intimate and captivating place, symbolizing the genetic codes of the House.

The Oak Street Buccellati boutique, in the Gold Coast district in Chicago, represents a determining presence in one of the most renowned streets dedicated to luxury, and it carries the full line of jewelry collections: Hawaii, Tulle, Macri, Ghirlanda, Rombi the most recent Opera collection and the Romanza bridal rings. Also available one-of-a-kind high jewelry stunning pieces and sets, watches, silver centerpieces and flatware.

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62 East Oak Street

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