New York Fashion Week Recap

Fashion Week in Gold Coast

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, said, “A fashion show does not exist in a vacuum. It is reflecting our culture.” That sentiment was certainly representative of this year’s New York Fashion Week. Many of the biggest designers acknowledged the viral #MeToo movement, with undertones of women empowerment evident in their designs; it’s safe to say this year’s statements extended well beyond fashion. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest ways NYFW embraced female power:

Alexander Wang Goes Corporate


Alexander Wang took power-dressing to another level with his final show during New York Fashion Week. Models rocked a modern take on the sharp-shouldered blazer; paired with sheer tights bedazzled with “CEO,” they strutted down a runway of gray cubicles in the old Condé Nast building. The brand, who initially launched with the carefree chic girl in mind, has grown with her in support of the 9-5 life, highlighting the power of the “boss lady” in today’s corporate world.


Tom Ford Celebrates “Pussy Power”


In the midst of neon colors, oversized headbands, and leopard print, Tom Ford made a candid statement of female empowerment with his “Pussy Power” purses. Along with a nod to nostalgia, his runway became a stage for the feminist movement, showcasing 80’s inspired statement pieces for the modern woman. To top it off, he also designed a matching pair of sparkly pink “Pussy Power” pumps: the ultimate statement for the confident, working girl.


Prabal Gurung Glorifies Female Strength


Already known for his activism, Prabal Gurung did not disappoint at this year’s NYFW. After last year’s successful ode to feminism with powerful slogan t-shirts, his new styles and colors were inspired by the female-lead Mosuo tribe of China. Pinks, purples, and reds represented strength and fearlessness. Plus the guest of honor, #MeToo founder Tarana Burke, sat in the front row. Gurung’s collection did not disappoint in style or meaning.


Marc Jacobs Commemorates the ‘80s!7/marc-jacobs-rtw-fall-2018-7


Strong shoulders and bold colors paid tribute to the ‘80s throughout NYFW this year. Look deeper into the significance of this revival, however, and you’ll realize that designers like Marc Jacobs had a feminist agenda in mind. Women made a heavy emergence into the workforce in the 1980s. They differentiated themselves with bright hues, and oversized coats to match oversized hairdos. This collection celebrates not only the styles of the decade, but also the female empowerment that it signified.


Naeem Khan Honors Women Around The World


In a backstage interview, Kahn said the inspiration behind his collection was to honor women around the world, and more specifically the matriarchs of his family. He understands how fashion plays a role in the #MeToo movement, and wanted to celebrate female fashion that is “glamorous without… being vulgar.” His opulent designs combined ballerina looks with more wearable items, rounding out a collection that was both chique and empowering.

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