Top Hair Color Trends from 2021 Designer Collection Runways

We’ve all watched with excitement as the fashion industry’s top designers reveal their new looks for 2021. While the new fashion designs have been amazing, we’ve also noticed some of the exciting new trends for hair color that have made their debut on those same runways. To kick off the new year, we’ve put together some of our top choices for designer hair color trends that you can ask for at your favorite Oak Street District salon.

Chunky highlights. The subtle, natural-looking effects of balayage highlights are still trending, but this season ushers in a huge moment for high-contrast chunky highlights. We’re seeing them in every shade of the hair color spectrum, so you can choose the right color combination for your new 2021 designer wardrobe.

Bright blonde. This season, it’s time to brighten up that blonde with a warm, all-over color that will really draw attention to your new 2021 fashions. A color like this requires more upkeep than a rooted blonde or soft balayage, but it’s definitely worth it for this brilliant shade for the new year. As the expert colorist at your favorite Oak Street District salon whether a bright blonde is the best choice for your skin tone. 

Fiery auburn. A brilliant red is always in style, and this year, redheads will enjoy this exceptionally bright, bold auburn color that shimmers in the sun. It’s a great all-over shade that also doubles as a fantastic highlight color, even against a darker base. You’ll love this fiery red color that will look exceptional with all your 2021 fashions. 

Dark chocolate. This deep, rich, mysterious shade was all over the runways this season, so we’ll expect to see much more of it in 2021. The secret is in the gloss, which helps light reflect for a high-dimensional and stunning look that’s perfect for your new 2021 wardrobe. Try it as a single-process color or have your master colorist at your favorite Oak Street District salon build a dark chocolate tone using multiple shades for an exceptional, distinct look.

Pastel pink. The runways are full of unique, original hair colors, and one of the most prevalent fantasy colors we’ve seen is beautiful pastel pink. If you’re serious about making a statement about your individuality, switching to pastel pink in 2021 is a great choice. You’ll find that it works amazingly well with many of this season’s top designs because it coordinates well with today’s fashion trends. 

Choosing a hair color is as important as choosing your wardrobe. You’ll want to find the perfect shade that is both on-trend and suits your individual personality. Part of the fun of the new year is combining the newest designer fashions with hair color and style that is perfect for you. 

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